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The bar of exception is on the platform of doing the best of the unknown!

Sipho Pienaar Samuel Oupa “King Diamond” Malapane

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Mkhuzelwa – The Creed Of Epistles, is the most eccentric, explicit and literally ground quacking, nerve pampering and mind lolling book ever written in English.


The grammar contained mixes modern levels of understanding with verbs of old, jelling into a nectar juice for both literati and casual reader!


The contents of the book feature poems covering romance, sexual ecstasy, politics, creation, religion and social spans. Also featured is a stream of eye charming and lip-licking stories in tragedy, drama and comedy, addendum to contents are songs in various genres and jokes. All contents are of the highest adrenalin pump and erotic/ noble drive, leaving your mind and its imagination elements aroused!


Mkhuzelwa – the trade title is a three books apartment. Also see Mkhuzelwa

– Word Of Genuia (Motivation) and Mkhuzelwa – Meet Your Living God

(Gospel) books.









Faith Of The Faithfull Probably, one of the greatest identities and definitions of faith, this book stops at nothing and yields for no doubt.


Faith Of The Faithfull deals with the bones and tissues of faith and simplifies the realization of faith like in no other book.

The revelation truths about this subject as contained herein are all bible based and relay the scriptures into one compound.

This book serves the greatest guide into the discovery of the treasure that faith is through the bible.

After reading this book, your faith in God on the basis of Christ Jesus, can never be the same!

“Enjoy… growth without bounds!” – Dr S. Malapane

The minute you are seaching for inspiration
you are already inspired!

Greatest motivations, proverbs and wise sayings of all time…


Sipho P. Malapane

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Faith Of The Faithfull

ISBN: 978-1-920411-78-7

ISBN: 978-0-620-54666-9

ISBN: 978-1-920411-69-5

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